Why Go PREMIUM 🏆 as an Athlenda Professional

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If you are looking for talented basketball players you are in the right spot.

Athlenda is a great source to track athletes from around the world and access their profiles. But that one you already know. What you probably don’t know yet is that from now on we’ve got something really special for you… Athlenda PREMIUM 🏆

Why you need Athlenda PREMIUM?

Why Go PREMIUM as an Athlenda Professional 2

Here are the 3 main reasons we believe you should have it:

🏀 A – Shortlists

As a basketball coach, agent, scout or a club you want to know who are the most promising and trending names in the industry. Athlenda premium offers you the unique chance to get easy and quick access to its special lists depending on what you are searching for. At Athlenda you can choose from:

  • National Players
  • NCAA Division 1
  • NCAA Division 2
  • NCAA Division 3
  • Large wingspan players
  • Hot Players and of course
  • Athlenda favorites

🏀 B – Advanced Search

If you are searching for someone really special, and you have in mind specific characteristics, then Premium is what you need. With the use of our advanced filters like certain nationality, height etc. you can discover all the profiles that match your criteria.

🏀 C – Messages

After finding the person (athlete, agent, club etc.) you need at Athlenda, you’ll probably need to reach out somehow. Message is the key to help you do that initially, but as an Athlenda user, you should already know that you first need to connect. It’s always up to the other person if he/she wishes to connect. Now with Athlenda Premium you have the advantage of sending direct messages “overstepping” the connection process.

Awesome right? Now we have an extra something for you!

🌟 Premium listing badge

By going Premium you let others know as well! You get this 🌟special badge🌟 that separates you from the majority of users and helps you get higher at Athlenda listing while others are searching for you.

How to get it?

All you have to do is Log in to your account (or Sign Up FREE if you still haven’t), press the button DISCOVER PREMIUM and choose between payment per year (199 euro) or per month (29 euro).

You are all set. Now enjoy your PREMIUM benefits 👊

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