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June has been a super successful month with many of our players sharing new videos of themselves ‘rocking’ basketball games and proving their talent to the world. As the upcoming season is getting closer and closer, we suggest you take a look at these skilled players and think about benefiting from their presence in your roster. Let’s see them in action, shall we?

Top 5 Plays of June 2019

Meet the Players

#5 Anthony Crowder

Anthony Crowder is an athletic and hard-working guard player with great leaping ability who likes to run very fast on the transition game. He is a good spot-up shooter, especially from the 3pt line. In P ‘n’ R situations he is able to penetrate on both sides using his strength. On the other end of the floor, he is a solid on-ball defender who pressures with active hands and gets steals and deflections on opponents’ passing lanes.

#4 Philip Jenkins

A combo guard from the U.S. playing for the TS Frankfurt-Griesheim for the past two seasons, Philip Jenkins is a natural born scorer, leading the German Oberliga in scoring with 32 points per game and winning the championships. He is a very good ball handler and an excellent shooter from deep.

#3 Jovan Crnic

Jovan Crnic is an explosive guard who likes to create for his teammates. When he plays isolation, he uses jab steps to create space. He is a great shooter both with pull up shots and a catch-and-shoot and he is not afraid to take the last shot, showing leadership qualities. Crnic is excellent on the transition game. Concerning defense, he can defend multiple positions and he is very energetic during the game.

#2 Mihailo Sekulovic

Mihailo Sekulovic is a strong and skilled big man from Montenegro. Excelling for his hard work and dedication he has not missed a game during the past 5 seasons, always being an integral part for his coaches’ plans. Mihailo takes pride in defense where he combines his Bball IQ with his size and strength to be effective.

#1 Dragos Alin Andries

Dragos is an athletic guard/forward with an ideal size for the position, standing just below 2 meters tall. He ia athletic enough to accompany his physical tools. A great team player with loads of experience from the Romanian league, he likes to do the hard work and make his teammates happy with his passing.

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