TOP 5 Basketball Players U21 on Athlenda 2019

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More and more basketball players stand out with their super skills and persistence on Athlenda. Here, we help them to shine in the basketball world and therefore we constantly present you profiles of players that are worth paying attention to. This week we’ve chosen top 5 basketball players U21 that you should consider for your roster for the upcoming season.

TOP 5 Basketball Players U21

Watch the video below to see our top choices in action:

Meet the players U21

#5 Georgios Kostikas

Georgios is an 18-year old Power Forward playing for YMCA. He has exceptional height and length for his position, standing at 206cm with a large wingspan. He is comfortable playing in the low post, using his tools to score close to the basket with either hand. He is a very good shooter despite his height and can stretch defenses in the pick and pop or shoot fadeaways and off-balance shots with ease. Working on his athleticism can help him be a very complete big man in modern basketball. Check out his Athlenda profile here!

#4 Kujtim Ujkani

Kujtim Ujkani is a swingman with great jumping ability who likes to run the floor. He is a very good jump-shooter (mid-range, long-range) and when he plays isolation, he uses fakes and moves to create space, finishing with drives on both sides. He uses his length and athleticism to block shots on defense and sky for rebounds above his opponents. Check out his Athlenda profile here!

#3 Angelos Giannopoulos

At only 16 years of age, Angelos Giannopoulos is a 200cm player with long arms that can play both forward positions. He shows great anticipation on the court, moving well off the ball to find open shots. He likes to run the floor in transition and is already a great scorer at his level. Check out his Athlenda profile here!

#2 Vadim Bychkov

Vadim Bychkov is a scoring forward with ideal size and length who has the athleticism to take finish possessions dynamically near the rim. He is a threat to score close to the basket with both hands as well as shoot the three to stretch defenses. He likes to run in the open floor and finish fast breaks with dunks. Check out his Athlenda profile here!

#1 Vincent Cole

Vincent Cole is a very athletic player with a great jumping ability that he uses to block opponents’ shots in defense. He is a solid shooter and if he plays isolation, he uses pump fakes to create space and scoring opportunities. He is a very energetic player who works hard on both ends of the court and he uses his length to deflect opponents’ passes. Check out his Athlenda profile here!

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