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For over half a century, hundreds of the greatest athletes in sporting history and especially in the NBA have offered us magnificent and captivating plays making us believe in magic. Divine moves that seem almost impossible to be performed by humans are presented to the shouting crowd who is thirsty for some entertainment.

Plays that we still can’t believe that we witnessed, inspire other athletes around the world up to this day and are really great to watch over and over again. But let’s not forget that not all the great moves make it to the big screen. Therefore, today we present you some of these players whose moves haven’t yet reached the global spotlight but clearly are in the right path.

TOP 10 Plays on Athlenda

After each game, Athlenda users post their videos for the world to see. Today, we’ve chosen our TOP 10 plays from their incredible highlights to share with you  (Read also: TOP 10 dunks by Athlenda players 2019). Watch the video below and let us know who is your favorite.

Meet the players

10 Brandon Moss

Brandon Moss is an athletic forward who played college ball for LSU Alexandria. He can fill up either forward position and has the ability to play inside as well as outside and take defenders off of the dribble in isolation. He is also a threat from long range, as he is a reliable shooter.

9 Luka Savicevic

Luka Savicevic is a talented young guard who plays with a high basketball IQ and a can shoot from any spot on the court. He is a threat in 1 on 1 situation, where he can penetrate from both sides and showcase his finishing ability. He is also great as a P ‘n’ R ball handler where he can go all the way to the basket if he finds an open lane, or create for his teammates. He currently plays for Spanish Academy AC.

8 Gregory Roy

Gregory Roy is an American combo guard with great size who trained under the guidance of the legendary Tom Izzo for two seasons at Michigan College. He has great physical tools and his athleticism serves him well to make plays in transition, as well as the defensive end of the floor.

7 Joshua Floyd

Joshua Floyd is an explosive guard with great physical skills (speed, agility, explosiveness) who has an array of scoring moves. He is a very good 3pt shooter and can attack the basket from both sides of the floor. In P ‘n’ R situations, he prefers to create for his teammates or finish with a pull-up shot.

6 Nikos Priskomatis

Nikos Priskomatis is a tall guard with long arms who likes to run on the transition game. He is an unselfish player who prefers to create for his teammates. He is a very good 3pt shooter (catch and shoot, off-screen) and in 1 on 1 situation he uses jab steps to create space and drive on both sides to finish at the rim. In P ‘n’ R situations he prefers to finish with a pull-up shot. On defense, he is a solid rebounder and great on-ball defender. Priskomatis uses his length to get steals and block opponents’ shots.

5 Shawn Dyer

Shawn Dyer is an American combo guard who graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He has great mental attributes and is an extension of the coach on the floor. Being a good floor general, he can set up his teammates and dictate the tempo of the game. Apart from his creative capabilities, he has been an exceptional three-point shooter throughout his career.

4 Abel Baptista

Abel Baptista is an athletic forward who excels in the transition game with his speed. The 23-year old possesses a good scoring instinct which he showcases in 1 on 1 situation where he uses ball fakes to create space. On the other end, he is a great rebounder relative to his size. He also has experience from top-level basketball in the Belgian Euromillions League.

3 Kiril Panov

Kiril Panov brings athleticism and high basketball IQ to the game. He primarily likes to run on the fast break moving safely the ball from one side to another. In 1on1 situations, his high IQ helps him read the defense in order to create for his teammates or for himself penetrating from both sides. He is an efficient 3p shooter that also uses PnR situations to execute with a pull-up jumper. Defensively, Kiril uses his long arms actively to put pressure on his personal opponent and steal the ball.

2 D’Angelo Jackson

D’ Angelo is a multi-dimensional guard who played College Basketball for Eastern Illinois. He is a very athletic player who plays with a lot of energy and excels in the transition game. He can man both guard positions as he can score as easily as he can create opportunities for his teammates.

1 Christian Kirchman

Kirchmann has been the leader of Johnson C. Smith college on their way to the championship during the 2017-18 season. He is a smart creator with a very reliable handle who makes his teammates better. He can isolate against his opponent and get to the basket where he finishes well for his size. On top of that, he is a solid three-point shooter.

Do you agree with our list?

Let us know which play impressed you the most? Who would you like to see more and who would you pick for your team? Stay tuned, cause more great lists are coming soon on Athlenda!
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