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Summer is here and what a better time to start training for the next season alongside basketball professionals and other players who strive to get better just like you…

After years of successful collaboration with camps from all over the world, our team decided to open a section dedicated to summer camps that help young athletes train and of course stand out. Already camps from all over Europe are posting their openings on Athlenda. All you have to do is Join Us and choose what camp to apply for. Check out some of the camps you can find on our platform and start thinking about where to go this summer!

Summer Basketball Camps to apply for on Athlenda (3)

Globasket Summer Camp

Barcelona, Spain

16 dates to choose from, open 365 days a year

Globasket Summer Camp is open 365 days a year and offers as many as 16 dates for you to choose from.  This summer it’s running its 5th year full of youth basketball experiences for groups from all over the world. The camp is super organized and is constantly opening new hosting venues to have better locations for young athletes and the rest of the participants.

Last season (2018-2019) Globasket Summer Camp created and produced 12 different “Week Without Walls” programs. The programs brought closely basketball teams, schools, and colleges that joined various activities during the week and kept it’s moto alive “Globasket, connecting YOUTH basketball”.

This season 2019-2020, the camp has already planned a range of things that combine Basketball training, general and specific training, and leisure and cultural activities for an overall experience. Take a look at their calendar at, learn about the program, the coaches, what to expect and apply for the week that suits you the best.

Summer Basketball Camps to apply for on Athlenda (1)

Pro Camp Sarajevo

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

25 – 29 July

Pro Camp Sarajevo invites players, clubs, and agents to its large basketball event. It’s the ideal meeting point for all of you who wish to spend a few days within a professional basketball environment full of opportunities for everybody. Players can show their skills and get signed by big European clubs while Clubs and Agents can sign new agreements and prepare themselves for new sports challenges.

The camp’s slogan is “Be part of our story” and they mean it. Everyone involved with Pro Camp Sarajevo seems to benefit and heading ahead with their careers. Last 16 players who joined the camp were spotted and got signed at different basketball clubs. Check them out: Rijad Avdić, Ivan Slutsky, Ratko Petrić, Amar Baručkija, Albert Prior, Michael Martin, Mirza Velić, Alex Navas, Hernst Laroche, Luka Pandurić, Emin Mavrić, Adi Zahiragić, Meho Haračić, Timur Ovčina, Damarcko Foster and Wail Al Mehraj.

This summer you could train next to coaches like: Dragan Petričević, Muamer Taletović, Samir Selesković and Adis Bećiragić. Visit to apply for the camp. It’s your time to stand out.

Summer Basketball Camps to apply for on Athlenda (2)

Veria Basketball Camp

Veria, Greece

18-22 June, 24-28 June

Veria Basketball Camp invites boys and girls aged 6-17 yrs old, to train with top basketball coaches and superstars, like Kostas Tsartsaris in Veria in two parts:18 – 22 June and 24 – 28 June. Here, you get to acquire knowledge, develop skills and of course have fun in the process.

Through the camp’s interacting coaching program, children can contact with basketball celebrities who will share their experiences and knowledge about basketball, train in  1on1, 2on2 and 2on1 games and participate in a one-day basketball tour. 

The program includes daily workouts with Kostas Tsartsaris himself and a team of experienced coaches and other well-known basketball players. Find out all the details at Veria Basketball Camp and apply!

Interested? Discover more

Interested in a full summer training experience? Join Athlenda and stay tuned for more summer camps and other career opportunities from all over the world.


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