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General Information about our Privacy Policy

Our Platform abides by the legislation related to data protection applicable in the EU and in the country of our establishment (Greece). Below, you can find extensive information in relation to the collection and processing of personal data made by our Website.

Users register in the Platform, use the Platform and upload UGC voluntarily at their own will, request and initiative. Registering to the Platform, filing data and uploading UGC that includes personal data is voluntary. Any User may choose not to take full advantage of the Platform’s functionalities or benefits if he/she does not file or notify in any other way part of his personal data to the Platform.

We collect, process and share information following your specific and informed consent as described in the present Privacy Policy or without your consent in cases required by law or permitted by law. If you do not wish to provide information to the Platform or to have data related to you displayed on the Platform or used in the way described in the present privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, you should not register to the Platform or visit the Platform or in case you are a User, you may deactivate your account at any time.

1. Type of data collected – purposes of processing

1.1. Type of Data Collected when Registering: In order to be able to fully exploit the Platform and the possibilities offered in it, the visitor is asked to fill in the personal data referred to in clause 3.1. of the Terms and Conditions. In order to sign up the User must provide to the Platform the minimum data necessary that relevant and non-excessive to the scope of participating in the Platform; these data are: the type of User, main sport, first name, last name, email address and password.

1.2. Type of Data Collected when Creating Users’ personal account: After signing up the User should file the requested data to identify him/her as a Platform User under the chosen category. The basic data that the User is allowed to fill in in order to create his profile are his/her personal information (such as name, address, date of birth, email), and user’s sports attributes depending on the user type and sport (level, best hand, height etc). Still, these data are voluntarily added by the User in order to be able to enhance the benefits received by the use of the Platform (like for instance to provide more precise information for the Search Engine tool).

1.3. Type of Data processed while Using the Platform: User Personal Data are also being processed while using the Platform. The User freely choses to upload UCG that may include his own or third party personal data In this context, the User is the Controller of the data, while the Company who merely acts as the Host Provider of the Data, is Processing those data on behalf of the User further to the explicit instruction received by the User when registering and each time he/she uploads UGC to the Platform (as provisioned in clause 4.5. of the Terms and Conditions). The same applies to UGC uploaded by other Users that contain personal data for any other User.

So, Company processes as Data Processor further personal User data that may be included in the UGC uploaded by User at his/her own free will and initiation being the Data Controller of that personal data. In addition the Company collects data related to the User also included in the content uploaded by other Users. As such categories of data collected and processed by the Platform include general User personal data (such as name, address, gender, nationality, email address and sport attributes etc), data related to User account (whether the account is active, username etc), data related to User’s activity in the Platform (categories the User belongs, User profile views etc) and any type of data that pay be included in the content uploaded by the User or other Platform Users.

The scope of data collection and processing is to allow User to make a full and profitable use of the Platform in order to expand his/her network in the sports industry and to promote his/her detailed profile either as a Registered Athlete or as a Registered Professional and to come in contact with other Users of the Platform. Processing purposes include among others safeguarding the ability of the User to make full and profitable use of the Platform, networking possibilities, exploitation of the technological capacities offered, further to the User’s own initiative and request to participate in the Platform.

Data collected and stored by the Platform are processed also for the operation of the Platform, for the communication of the Platform with the User as well as for satisfaction of the Platform’s purposes (networking, promotion of profile, communication with other Platform Users, use of Search Engine tools etc as in detailed explained in Terms and Conditions). As such Users data are processed by Platform to extract results through the Search Engine tools. User’s Profile Data are also processed by the Platform for direct advertisement purposes such as to serve to User personalized advertisement related to the Platform. User’s data are also processed by the Platform to serve Users personalized content, personalized information, recommended actions etc. Data collected are also processed for advertisement purposes and promotion of the Platform in third party Websites and social media. Since information of User’s Profile is available to all Users of the Platform, data can also be processed by other Platform Users for their own advertisement and marketing purposes such as Users to serve other Users with personalized advertisement based on their profile characteristics. Thus Data processing purposes include advertising and marketing purposes provided by third parties. Data processing purposes include possible sharing of data with other Platform Users and specified categories of third parties.

2. Processing of data collected

Users signs up in the Platform in order to take advantage of the networking possibilities offered through it and to use the technological facilities of the Platform to promote his athletic performance and/or to find talents. In order to make possible all of the above the Platform processes User’s data in several ways. As such data are collected, stored, transferred, organized, used, transmitted, disseminated, and combined with other User’ s data. Data can be also processed through automated methods such as Platform’ s search tools. User’s data will be also for the Platform to communicate with the Users. User’s profile uploaded to the Platform is public meaning it is accessible to all Platform Users. Thus Users should not upload Content that want to keep private or confidential. Please note that by creating an account the Company and others will be able to identify you by your profile. Personal data included in the Content the User uploads to the Platform or Content that is uploaded by other Users may enable others to reveal details of User life that are not expressly stated in his/her profile. In addition content including User’s Personal Data may be uploaded by other Users and thus can be accessible to Platform Users. User can define his/her privacy settings by choosing the filters he/she wants to apply in his/her Profile in accordance to clause 2.8. of the Terms and Conditions Please visit privacy settings available

User’s data are being transferred to third parties for purposes related to the operation of the Platform. Third Parties include among other partner companies that belong either to the same group of companies or not, that are subsidiary companies or not, or companies with which the Company collaborates for its operation and provision of services.

User should take under consideration privacy risks regarding him/herself personally as well as third parties when he/she uploads Content in the Platform. User is reminded that uploading content about other individuals may impinge upon their privacy and data protection rights. In case the User uploads content that includes third party personal data, the User should receive previous consent of data subject and abstain from any action violating third party privacy rights.

3. User’s rights

The Company makes every possible effort to safeguard User’s and non User’s rights with regard to their personal data. Especially for individuals under 18 prior consent of the persons exercising parental custody is needed before subscribing to the platform as defined in clause 3.2. of the Terms and Conditions.

The User has always the right of access, correction and deletion (in general objection) of his/her data by sending a relevant e mail at Company’s Help Desk. User’s request for data deletion should be sent to the Company from the e mail address that is valid for communication between the user and the Platform as laid down in clause 3.4. of the Terms and Conditions. The User has the legal right to be informed regarding his/her personal data according to article 11 of the law 2472/1997, the right to access his data (meaning the right to know whether personal data related to him are or were processed) according to article 12 of the law 2472/1997 as well as the right to raise objections for the processing of his personal data according to article 13 of the law 2472/1997. For the exercise of his rights the User should address to ATHLENDA SOCIETE ANONYME, address Ath. Giannousi 1, 54250, Thessaloniki, Greece, tel: +302319998800 Fax: +302319998800, email:

4. Registering correct data and true data

User solemnly declares that his personal data that he/she posts in the Platform (while registering and while using it) are lawful, correct, accurate and up to date. User is responsible to keep all his/her personal data updated and accurate. The Company bears no liability in case data submitted by the User are unlawful, inaccurate, false or non updated. Any notification directed to the User at the email address submitted by him/her is considered valid even if it cannot be delivered to the User due to fault of the registered data or due to technical or other damage at his server or phone or phone provider or due to change of his data if User has not timely modified information submitted at the platform’s system . Please note that the Company does not proceed to any identification of data posted by the User, thus it bears no liability for them.

5. Explicit consent

By filling and registering personal data in the Platform as well as by uploading Content containing his/her personal data the User declares that he/she explicitly consentsto the use of his/her data, to their legitimate collection and processing for the purposes described above as well as that data provided by the User can be seen by other Users and that he has been lawfully informed through the present Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

6. General

Data collected by the Company can be notified to third party recipients and the competent authorities according to the provisions set forth in the law. For the execution of the processing of Users Personal Data the Company has chosen persons (natural or legal entities) that have equivalent professional assets which provided adequate guarantee from the point of view of technical knowledge and personal integrity to protect privacy.

7. Sensitive data and Non-Users’ data

When uploaded Content includes sensitive data, User should have received previous consent of all data subjects to whom sensitive data refers. Users should also receive previous consent from data subjects who are not Users of the Platform.

8. Retention of data: Users’ data are retained for the time necessary for the purposes of their collection and processing. In case a User deactivates his account, still his identification data will be retained by the Company for a period of one year after the expiry of which data are erased for security purposes. If the User that initially uploaded a content that includes third party tags deactivates his account in the Platform, that content remains accessible in the Platform.

9. Cookies:

“Cookies” are small files with information that a website (specifically the web-server) stores in a User’ s computer, so that each time that the User is connected to the website, the website retrieves this information and offers to the User services related to them. For further information about cookies you can also visit ….

Cookies stored by the Company are the following:

Strictly necessary cookies These cookies are essential in helping our websites run correctly. They enable you to move around the website and enjoy its features. How long will the cookie remain on your computer?


Examples of cookies used:
– Netscaler load balancing cookie
– PHP language application cookie
Performance cookies These cookies are used for performance measurement and provide aggregated and therefore anonymous data about the use of the site and other sites. How long will the cookie remain on your computer?
Session and Persistent
Examples of cookies used:

  • Google Analytics
  • GALX
  • GAPS
  • GoogleAccountsLocale_session
  • NID
  • SCA
  • Ga
  • Gat
  • _utma
  • _utmc
  • utmz
Functionality cookies– Third Party These cookies are used to report on the performance of embedded functionality within the website. How long will the cookie remain on your computer?
Session and Persistent
Examples of cookies used:

– Investis
– Bazaarvoice
– DocCheck

– ForeSee

Social Media/Sharing cookies – Third Party These cookies provide access to social networks and may collect personal information in relation to your use of these networks. How long will the cookie remain on your computer?
Session and Persistent
Examples of cookies used:

– Facebook

– Twitter

– LinkedIn

– Pinterest

– Instagram

Targeting/Advertising cookies – Third Party These cookies are used to deliver adverts relevant to you and your interests. They provide anonymous information about visitors such as sites visited before or after visiting one of our sites. How long will the cookie remain on your computer?

Session and Persistent

Examples of cookies used:

– MediaMind

– Addthis

– Youtube

– Google Search

– Doubleclick

– Data Xu

– Trade Doubler

– AmmiroY2K

– ShareThis

– ScorecardResearch

Platform uses “cookies” and other automated means to collect certain information about Users, such as how many users visit the Platform and the most viewed Profiles and Content. By collecting this information, Platform can best tailor the Platform and the advertising to the Users needs. Platform collects this information through various means, such as cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies. Where Cookies are referred to, all the above are included

How to Deactivate the Cookies

Most browsers will tell you how to stop accepting new cookies, how to be notified when you receive a new cookie, and how to disable existing cookies. For more information on how to manage cookies on your browser, please access the appropriate link below:

Internet Explorer




In case however that Cookies are deactivated Users may not be able to take full advantage of all the Platform’s features and functionalities .

10. Who is responsible for the processing – Data Controller

The Controller of personal data is ATHLENDA SOCIETE ANONYME, address Ath. Giannousi 1, 54250, Thessaloniki, Greece, Tax registration number 800648494, Tax authority Z’ Thessaloniki, tel:+302319998800 Fax: +302319998800, email: any question please contact at the above contact details. Please be informed that you are entitled of the right to access to your personal data as this right is specified in article 12 of the law 2472/1997 and the right to object to data related to you according to article 13 of the law 2472/1997

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