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Thousands of talented International, NCAA and young players from all over the world, are dreaming of playing at TOP LEAGUE and fairly have the skills to do so. But the truth is, the competition to get drafted is very high and therefore, you should grab every opportunity to stand out and SHOW YOUR TALENT. Thankfully, Athlenda has something special planned for you! All Athlenda users should prepare for a July and August full or new opportunities that will help you make it to the TOP. How you ask? It’s simple… GO PREMIUM!

🏆 🌟Premium Account Benefits 🌟🏆

Why go premium with Athlenda

Athlenda’s PREMIUM ACCOUNT is a must-have. Read below exactly how you can benefit from becoming a PREMIUM user:

🏀 Apply for unlimited JOB OPENINGS

As an Athlenda user, you already have the chance to discover all the clubs who are looking for players like you across Europe and apply to your favorite one. But Athlenda Premium is here to offer much more! By getting the PREMIUM, you increase your chances to get drafted by applying to any club you wish to play for. In other words you have unlimited JOB OPENINGS applications.

🏀 See who VIEWED your profile

By applying to JOP OPENINGS (Read more about: How to apply for a JOB OPENING on Athlenda WEB) you draw attention to your Athlenda profile. Clubs, coaches, agents, scouts etc. will visit your profile to review your skills. By becoming a Premium User you will actually have the chance to see who viewed your profile and of course adjust accordingly! (TIP! Make sure you have a full profile to offer all the necessary info about your physical characteristics, video highlights and of course bio)

🏀 Get a PREMIUM BADGE to stand out

You should remember that Athlenda is a tool that helps not only athletes to get drafted but Clubs, Coaches,  Agents,  Scouts etc. to find ideal players. With the use of our search, they manage to discover talents that suit their roster. Acquiring Athlenda PREMIUM means that you will get a PREMIUM BADGE that will help your profile stand out and get people to focus on you more.

🏀 Add unlimited SNAPS to your profile

An undeniable proof of your skills and talent are video highlights that we call SNAPS. Snaps are probably the most visited section of an Athlender’s profile as more than 85% of visitors click to watch them. A typical Athlenda profile allows you to upload 5 SNAPS in each category. But you need to upload highlights from each and every game you play in order to show your improvement during the year and not only the latest ones. Therefore, Athlenda PREMIUM offers you unlimited SNAPS in any category you need.

🏀 Use DIRECT MESSAGES without having to connect

Communication is everything! If you want to stand out you need to start sending messages to Clubs, Coaches, Agents, Scouts etc. in order to let them know about your intentions to join them. With a free Athlenda profile, you can do that only after connecting with someone and it’s up to him/her to accept the friend request. Premium gives you all the freedom you need to send your message without limitation to anyone you want and make sure that you are getting noticed.

Log in to your Athlenda profile and hurry to upgrade to Premium only for 59 €

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