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The digitalization of Basketball Tryouts:

It’s undeniable that the digital era has spread its golden roots deeply in our reality, but fortunately, it reached out to the Basketball world as well. The sport that is loved by numerous people around the world never failed its supporters. With the help of Athlenda, Basketball comes once more to demolish anything we knew about Tryouts only to build it from scratch, all shiny and new.

What are Athlenda Online Tryouts

For an athlete, a Tryout may be a very stressful procedure as it can sometimes unfairly determine a player’s career based on a single day effort (Read more about: 3 Tips to impress a coach during Tryouts). For clubs, on the other hand, it may turn out to be a very time-consuming process that may or may not lead to the ideal player that it was missing. Taking these into account Athlenda has a solution to offer, by introducing the concept of Online Basketball Tryouts.

But what are exactly Online Basketball Tryouts? Basically, it’s an amazing chance for a club or a coach to meet the athletes for the first time. With the use of their Online Profiles on Athlenda, both sides offer information about what they do, how they do it and what they wish to achieve only to end up collaborating.

It’s a 3 step process

  1. A club, with the use of its Online Profile, opens a Tryout on Athlenda platform. Stating its need for a player of certain characteristics it describes what the player should be like, from where and of course what it offers to the athlete.
  2. A player on the other hand, by visiting the section Tryouts on the platform will discover all the clubs that have opened Online Basketball Tryouts. Based on his capabilities and previous experience he chooses to which team or even teams he/she may apply for. There is no limit in applications and thus, the player increases the chances to be seen and chosen.
  3. Each club based on the Athlete’s Online Profile gets the chance to see his/her talent through the videos & snaps from games that players upload. After the first impression about what the player can or cannot do, the club can communicate with the player directly and ask him/her for a tryout in person.

An amazing opportunity for both athletes and clubs

First of all, imagine that we are breaking the borders. It doesn’t matter from which part of the world you are. Now you have the chance to meet up and apply for a team or ask for a player from any part of the world and not just your city or country.

The selection of both sides is rather strategical. As both athletes and clubs get the opportunity to ‘judge’ the other side before applying or communicating, it seems that chances to meet the right colleague increase radically.

Finally, it’s cost-free. All they have to do in order to attract the suitable colleagues is an organized free Athlenda Profile. The better your profile the better your chances to succeed. Information about characteristics, a proper bio and mostly video from games (for athletes) are everything a person needs to get the initial idea and move forward with the process.

How to apply for Online Basketball Tryouts

> For Athletes

  • Sign up to Athlenda
  • Create an amazing Player Profile
  • Check out the open Tryouts and apply to the ones you like


> For Clubs

  • Sign Up to Athlenda
  • Create an outstanding Club Profile
  • Open a Tryout & find your ideal athlete


At Athlenda, Online Basketball Tryouts are open all year long.

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