How Social Media can affect your Basketball Career

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Scouts and Coaches are monitoring your Online Profile:

Ever wondered if your basketball career may be affected by factors you’ve never even imagined? We’re going through the Golden Age of Social Media with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. deluging our days and nights. We spend hours communicating and sharing moments from our lives or even opinions about various matters accepting the fact that Community is the new family’. Unfortunately, not only our families and friends are judging our Social Media activity. Scouts, Coaches, Clubs, Colleges etc. are also there, monitoring our actions like never before.

The danger of mistreating your Social Media

It must not come as a surprise to you that many athletes who expressed themselves in a negative manner on Social Media, completely failed to convince that they are serious about their basketball career. An important thing for you to do is to understand the consequences of your Online Presence.

A single post may seem innocent at first, but on the other hand, it may be everything a recruiter needs to know about you as a person. If for example, you are persistent about pointing out somebody’s failure on your social media, you should realize that this does not reflect positively on your image (Read more about how: A true winner knows how to lose). Anybody interested in you as an athlete may easily come to the conclusion that you’re unable to control yourself and may cause problems during a game. So, you better think twice before your next tweet or post as it probably won’t go unnoticed and may turn out to be critical for your recruiting process.

How your Online Profile can boost your Basketball Career

The good news is, that the rise of Social Media and Online Platforms may bring you more opportunities than you’ve ever dreamed about. If you are certain that a basketball career is what you are seeking, then thankfully now days apart from the personal effort you can use your Social Media presence to boost your future. Any coach, scout or even a club needs to see that you are determined to pursue a future in the field and this is why a simple search of your profile can say a lot about you. Here are 3 important tips on how you can take advantage of that:

  1. Focus on what you are uploading.

    What most recruiters wish to see is you in action. This means that you must never neglect to share your personal achievements through video highlights. Remember, this is an excellent first indication of both your capabilities and passion for the particular sport. A video is a very easy way to show what you are capable of doing, focus on some special moves you may have and present margins of improvement. There are never enough videos, so keep on uploading in the right channels.

  2. Follow, like & comment those who matter.

    The power of social media has spread so much that your presence alone may not be enough. You need to join Basketball Communities where basketball people are ‘hanging out’ and start a communication with them. Be in the spotlight, share if your favorite club announced a tryout, comment if a coach you admire has something important to say, like if another athlete has great news and show great sportsmanship. You never know who is watching.

  3. Show interest in basketball events.

    Basketball is probably one of the most popular sports across the globe. With thousands of fans from all over the world, it is rather logical that basketball events take action every day. Of course, you can’t be focused all the time on the activities that take place but you can choose to share some important ones. This will show that you keep track of happenings, take interest in new athletes, discover teams’ achievements and mostly that you have an opinion.

So, it seems that as the years are passing your Online Profile is becoming more important than ever. You may be a great athlete but now you’ve got the chance to share it with the rest of the world and build a Basketball Career.

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