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Get your basketball career to a whole new level:

Ever wondered what makes a basketball athlete stand out? How all those fabulous Basketball superstars made it to the TOP? What is it they have that you don’t? If you are talented, passionate, focused, trained and persistent… isn’t it about time to wonder what are you missing?

Time for a change! Meet Athlenda APP

Basketball career is your dream. But if it feels like you need someone else to help you with your big leap, if you wish for a scout to discover you during a game or if you hope for an opportunity to come on its own… STOP! You can make it on your own.

Meet Athlenda. The APP that connects all Basketball community is here to boost your Basketball Career.

Athletes from all over the world use it to Show their talent and skills.

Coaches, Agents, Clubs and even Universities use it to discover young talented players.

If everybody uses it… Why don’t you?

Athlenda APP to get a Basketball Career

Steps to Success

1. Create your profile

Athlenda APP is the ideal place to introduce yourself and your skills to the Basketball community. Start by creating an outstanding profile that you will proudly share with everybody.

  • Add a profile image so that everyone will remember your face
  • Add some basic information like your age, nationality, and position and
  • Add your physical characteristics like height, wingspan etc.

Now you make it easier for someone looking for a player with your characteristics to find you.

2. Upload your games & Keep track of your Stats

Athlenda, is a great opportunity to watch your progress and stats. Now you can upload all your games during each season and keep track of your stats. Watch how you improve game by game and season by season and there will be nothing that can stop you! It’s so easy and clear that you can show it to everyone and show your talent.

There is nothing more important than knowing where you stand in order to focus on where you want to go.

3. Add your team

Basketball is a team sport! And so is Athlenda. With Athlenda APP you can have your Basketball portfolio with your older and current teammates as well as opponents. You can both remember every player you’ve ever played and also show the world with who or against who you’ve been playing all those years. Adding your teammates will help you:

  • Boost your Profile’s score
  • Increase your visibility to coaches, agents, clubs, and universities
  • Use videos and images of the games you played together

So, choose to be a team player… it always helps.

4. Upload your videos and Cut SNAPS

You should know more than anyone that the most important thing for someone to be able to judge your talent is to see you in action. And what a better way to do it than uploading your videos and showing your portfolio to Coaches, Agents, Clubs, and Universities?

Self-promotion is all about showing the world what they have been missing. So direct them at the right things. Cut SNAPS-Video highlights and TAG them as: Fastbreak, Effective defense, Steal, 3-Point, Assist, Fouls Received, Block.  Rebound, and 2-Point.  (Read more about: How to add a SNAP in Athlendad APP)

See how easy it is? So sort all your special moves into categories and show them all together. 

Athlenda basic features

5. Make the first move

With Athlenda APP you’ve got the power! What does that mean? Well, simply that with the use of the search tool and messages you can:

  • Look up yourself for a coach,  agent, club or university you are interested in
  • Add them to your network and
  • Send a private message with whatever you need to communicate

With Athlenda nothing can stop you from pursuing your Basketball Career. DOWNLOAD THE APP

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