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Top Coaches plan ahead:

Practice plan is a difficult and demanding stage at every coach’s work, but it needs to be done. Improving your athletes’ techniques and leading the team for the win is a process that should be planned ahead. Every coach needs a well developed seasonal analysis, a clear overview of all stages and the constant awareness and monitoring of the progress. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that TOP Coaches are always searching for solutions that will help them focus on the right directions and reach their goals.

Who said a practice plan should be difficult?

Athlenda brings the new idea that complements perfectly every coach’s job with MY PRACTICES. The ALL-in-1 digital tool for coaches that helps organize a practice easier, faster and mostly more productively. With MY PRACTICES any coach can:

  • Add drills
  • Design Practices
  • Analyze attendances
  • Watch Progress data
  • Track and retrieve history
  • Promote personal practices

Signed by the renowned former Greek Basketball Player Lazaros Papadopoulos and supported by Top Coaches like Dimitris Itoudis, Panagiotis Giannakis and Vaggelis Alexandris, MY PRACTICES is already shinning in the market.

Take a look:

Only a month after its official release, Basketball Coaches started using it and offering significant feedback about the tool. Most already claim MY PRACTICES to be the extra help” they needed to organize their practices and made it an integral part of their daily routine.

By joining Athlenda, a coach can now use a 2 week FREE TRIAL and use the tool according to their needs. You can already find some inspiration from coaches like Vaggelis Aggelou, Eleni Kafantari, Nikos Papas and Kostas Chatzichristos that bases almost purely CSKA practice plan on Athlenda’s MY PRACTICES.

MY PRACTICES has already broken the Greek borders and is heading to Europe. For the early birds, it still offers a SPECIAL PRICE while the product simultaneously keeps adding new features and offering new solutions for every coach’s needs.

Visit MY PRACTICES for a FREE TRIAL or contact Sales Team at to learn more about the ALL-in-one tool for coaches.


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