3 Reasons to track your Basketball STATS this season

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It’s all about Numbers:

Have you ever noticed yourself when reading about the STATS of a famous Basketball Player? Your face gets all like WOW when he/she impresses you with an outstanding season or you start judging those who did not meet up your expectations. FIBA, Euroleague, Eurobasket etc., they are all about numbers analysis after each game. But why?

Why this season you should focus on STATS

Numbers offer a practical and undeniable proof of an athlete’s professional course. You can say you are a talented player to someone and it’s up to the audience to believe you. But showing your STATS takes your word and credibility to another level.

So it seems like if you wish to have a Basketball career you should take yourself seriously and focus on numbers. Tracking your own STATS can help you in many ways but we can sum them up for three main reasons:


The season is on and you probably already had your chance to participate in your team’s games. You may feel like you did great, you may feel like you could have done better, you may feel like you were your worst self. But the feeling is not enough. You may judge yourself too harshly, so check your stats to be sure!

By tracking your personal effort at a game’s results you may analyze your progress and see what you are good at and which are your disadvantages. Knowing where you stand will help you decide where you want to go. If you know your flaws you know what to improve. And if you know your strengths you know what to take advantage of.


In maths, in order to compare something you need to have an object of reference. In our case, in order to see where you stand as a player, you need to compare your progress with:

a. Your self per season or per game

b. The rest of your team

c. The opponent team’s players

Comparing your stats with your own in the past will help you become better and better. Comparing yourself with the players of your team should make you think how you are doing in comparison to other players and thus how and where you can help your team the most. Finally watching the progress of the opponent team can help you be more strategic, know what to expect and get prepared for everything.


Coaches, agents & scouts would be excited to see your STATS. It’s easier for them to form an opinion about you, understand your strengths and weaknesses and conclude if you could be a promising player on the roster. You can easily show your stats altogether and prove what you’ve got to offer by saying nothing but showing EVERYTHING. 

Track your STATS with Athlenda APP 📱📱📱

Understanding the value of your STATS is already a step towards success. But starting to track them is a whole new project that you need to include in your daily life. Fortunately tracking stats is no longer a privilege of basketball superstars who have this work done for them. YOU CAN DO IT ON YOUR OWN 👍

This season don’t miss your chance to track your STATS with Athlenda APP 

Three easy steps and you got all you need

  1. Step: Add your team and opponent
  2. Step: Add the game’s score
  3. Step: Add your own STATS in the game


The result?

  • You have a great overview and a complete database of your games
  • You can share the results with anyone you want
  • You have an overall sum of your seasonal STATS
  • You can invite your teammates to join the team you’ve created
  • You can invite your opponents to join the team you’ve created


Don’t waste your time!!!


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