Here’s how to improve your skills by watching NBA

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The NBA season is finally underway!

Thirty teams, 500 players, 1230 games, challenge, pain and sweat, all for the glory of an NBA ring at the end of the road. Behind the spotlight of the star players, the shine of the NBA courts and the cameras, lie countless hours of athletes training, striving, honing their skills in order to become the best versions of themselves and compete at the highest level. Success doesn’t happen overnight; it is the result of years of hard work, mental toughness, overcoming adversity and coming out a better player and a wiser person.

Here's how to improve your skills by watching NBA

Go beyond being just a spectator

We want to single out the figures who can inspire you to improve your game, go to practice fully energized and underline the skills that make great players and teams who they are.

Watching basketball won’t make you a great player by itself… What you can do though,  is pick up on the stuff that helped greats reach their level. Focus on the little things they do to sustain it and the hard work they still put in every game. It will help you see your weaknesses and work to turn them into strengths. Watching the greatest players fit into a system, trust and follow their coaches’ gameplan and advice will help you see the bigger picture and help you become a better part of your team; a real team player.

Every week we are going to focus on a game, a player and a highlight. It is up to you to take the lessons and utilize your entertainment to become a better player and maybe, one day, someone will talk about your game to inspire young players. (Read also: What makes you a valuable basketball player)

NBA Game of the Week

Houston Rockets @ Los Angeles Lakers – Sunday 10:30PM ET

After years of speculation, the Los Angeles Lakers are finally headlined by LeBron James and they will be determined to prove their playoff aspirations against a Rockets team that pushed the Warriors to seven games in the Western Conference Finals. The Rockets might prove an insurmountable obstacle for Lebron & Co. as they are still early in their development, but on the other hand keep an eye on how smoothly can the Rockets incorporate their new additions: Michael Carter-Williams, James Ennis and, of course, the illustrious Carmelo Anthony.

Learn from the best

  • James Harden and Chris Paul can manipulate defenses like no other in the NBA. Keep a close eye on how they remain patient and protect the ball with their body after using screens by the Rockets’ big men and study the angles they take from the basket.

  • Clint Capela, the Rockets center, is one of the best pick and roll big men in the league. You might not have his high-flying athleticism, but anyone can learn from his timing running to the rim after the screen, as well as his footwork to get there.
  • Lonzo Ball might be making headlines for his father’s off-court persona and his status as the #2 pick in the 2017 NBA draft. However, he is an incredible off-ball cutter despite playing at the Point Guard position. Also, try to notice the flaws in his shooting mechanics.

Young Player of the Week – Jayson Tatum

  • Age: 20
  • Height: 203 cm
  • Position: SG/SF
  • Team: Boston Celtics
  • Best performance: 23pts/9reb/3ast Vs 76ers

After a very solid rookie season in which he shot with 43% from 3-point range and a series of incredible performances in the playoffs, the Celtics’ forward appeared determined not to take a step back as competition in his position increased with the return of Gordon Hayward. Tatum was his team’s best performer in the opening night victory against their rivals, the hopeful Philadelphia 76ers. Visibly stronger, he was fearless driving to the basket and showed no hesitation to shoot from long range. One of the most technically gifted young players in the league to follow closely. Check out how quickly he can get to his shot off the dribble at the 30” mark.


We all love basketball and we all love to watch the games. Go beyond being just a spectator. Watch the games carefully, watch with intent, notice the details and learn from the best. Save the moments and the plays that inspire you. Your game will thank you for it. And don’t forget, upload your greatest highlights on Athlenda, show your talent the way you would like to watch your favorite stars.

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