How do i find a good Basketball Agent?

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Why getting a Basketball Agent?

Have you ever thought of a getting a Basketball Agent? Well, maybe you should!

Typically, basketball players do not start out at high levels even if their stats are decent. If they want to pursue a career, several seasons must pass until they reach the point of acknowledgment in professional basketball. If you want your talent to get noticed you must make sure that your professional choices are the right ones.

This challenge can get easier with some professional advice from a good Basketball Agent. Agents, have connections that you clearly don’t. The experienced ones also have the trust of their connections. Their word counts. They can judge your capabilities and allocate you to the right college, camp or even a club. They can help you from getting your way into tryouts to even signing a contract. 

How to choose the right one?

Always remember getting a Basketball Agent is an important decision. A good Agent can get you as high as the sky goes but a bad agent can break your spirit with poor career decisions. But it’s not all up to the Agent. Even the best ones are as good as you are. No matter how many connections and power they have to book you a tryout, it is your talent and capabilities that will help you stand out and sign a contract (Read more about: Do you have what it takes to stand out).

Athlenda-Basketball Agent

  1. So, the 1st step is to understand what you really want. Define your personal (realistic) goals for your career. Where do you really go in the future? If you truly believe in your talent, your agent should believe in it too. Make sure he appreciates your capabilities.
  2. Second of all, establish in your mind the kind of relationship you want to have with your Agent. If you are searching for an Agent-Mentor, think how much time you want to spend with him, how much commitment you want to get? Bring in your mind all those inspiring people you had in your life that kept pushing you when you wanted to quit. Is that what you want to get from your Agent? If yes, make sure you are as committed to him as you want him to be.If no, there is a great alternative. You can search for Agents that work on non-exclusive agreements. This means that none of you is obliged to commit to the other. All they do is represent you per case and the contract lasts as long as the case. If they manage to sign you then they get paid by the club (not by you) and get all the credit for managing to promote you. You, on the other hand, can still make the same agreement with other agencies and if they sign you first you are free to go! Awesome for both sides, right?
  3. Last but not least, a Basketball Agent should have experience judging your capabilities to avoid misplacing you. To make sure he has what it takes to get you a step further, ask for his Player List. It’s a clear and undeniable metric of his previous success and if is as good as he claims to be, he should normally show it to you himself. Remember! The length of the list should not scare you. Don’t wish for the list to be short (if you are hoping for more attention) or long (if you believe he has more power). It’s the quality that counts. You better check his Players’ development, those in Quality Leagues and of course his Success Stories.

 Where to search for an agent?

Well, there are always sources like, or even but maybe these are too obvious sources, and everybody searches there. You should think out of the BOX. The ultimate source to search agents from all over the world nowadays is Athlenda.

Don’t want to sound too “braggy” but, it’s the only APP-source that gives you not only the ability to search for agents per country but also to connect to them directly. With Athlenda APP you can add an Agent to your contact, send him a direct message and ask him to take a look at your Athlenda profile! An Athlenda profile is full of your physical characteristics, photos, videos, games scores, your personal seasonal STATS and anything the agent needs to know as a first look at your talent. There are NO LIMITS and you can talk to as many agents, coaches, clubs, and universities you wish directly.

So, go ahead and try it out! Your Agent may be just a click away!

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