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From the outskirts of Belgrade to the heart of Sacramento, CA:

Being a young and passionate athlete, it is always inspiring to hear stories about players, who broke the boundaries of their country and conquered the world.  Well, Bogdan Bogdanovic is certainly one of those stories that you read and hope you can reach at least half of what he’s done so far.

Famous hard rock band ACDC sing: ‘It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll’!,.. or is it not? In the case of Serbian superstar, reaching the top of Europe took him less than five years. Come to think of it, that is totally not a long period of time for a Serbian youngster to end up signing a multimillion 3-year contract with an NBA team! Nevertheless, how did he manage that? Probably the most suitable words would be effort, striving, focus, labor, fatigue, struggle and exhausting training hours in the court!

How Bogdanovic made it to the TOP

Taking shots at his backyard hoop in Belgrade, Bogdanovic as many other athletes did not receive the acknowledgment he deserved right from the start. As a young player, he joined a couple of teams in his own place, like KK Zvezdara and KK Žitko Basket. He was not able to show his talent on a greater scale, not until his team beat Partizan Belgrade, always a top level team. That gave him the chance to introduce himself in the Serbian basketball and not only that as he also took part in the Nike International Junior Tournament, where he made the difference.

Result to the above was Bogdan’s transfer to the biggest team in Belgrade, Partizan at the age of 18. That was finally a great accomplishment for the young basketball rising star, however, the following 2 years did not turn out in success, as he spent most of the time seated on the bench. Remember the words we mentioned above? He never stopped believing in himself and with the change of coach in Partizan, Bogdan eventually started to build his own fame! Gradually, he managed to stabilize himself in the team and he also made his debut in Euroleague where he attracted all eyes on his style of play!

Critical moves and choices

To carry on with his achievements, Bogdanovic gained the trust of his coach Dusko Vujosevic, a bigger role in his team and an invitation to the National Team of Serbia! He was part of the youth national teams in the past and it was about time he accepted the challenge to face top-level opponents all over the world. On top of that, in May 2014, he was voted the Euroleague Rising Star of the season, by the head coaches of 24 EuroLeague teams and won the Serbian League title with Partizan and the MVP title! His advance to a better team in Euroleague was inevitable and it was Fenerbahce, Istanbul to give him the chance to play against the best of the best!

The advice of a PRO

Today, he is facing a new challenge of growing as a player at the NBA level but he surely has the potential to make it happen! He has just signed a multimillion 3-year contract with Sacramento Kings and is getting ready for a thrilling new season in the NBA basketball courts. The amazing fact though, about the Serbian shooting guard, is that he doesn’t forget where he came from and how he started his career. Between his hard training days and the thrill of the new beginning, the NBA rookie managed to find the time and offer an advice to all basketball athletes that struggle out there for a chance to stand out.

Watch his advice


With good size for a shooting guard at 6-foot-6, a wingspan of over 7 feet, strong defensive skills, and a proven 3-point stroke, Bogdanovic looks like he may have what it takes to compete at the highest level. Do you? (Read more about: What makes you a valuable basketball player)

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