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Basketball Superstars… just wanna have fun:

It’s funny how while watching our favorite Basketball superstars give their best during games we tend to forget that they can act like humans outside the field. Despite their “superpowers”, TOP athletes also find their moments of joy, relaxation, and fun. Between or after games and their hard training, our idols can show us another side of them that is rather relaxing and joyful.

Top players about Athlenda

During the last year,  more and more Basketball Superstars have given their “approval” to the N.1 Basketball Community of all times, that connects basketball athletes, coaches, agents & clubs. The Athlenda Community.

While trying to inform more young athletes about the usability and functionalities of the new Athlenda APP, our favorite players turned out to be more fun than ever. Finding it hard to control themselves and show us those steady characters we all know from their games, their laughs, awkwardness and embarrassed faces proved that they are actually humans like us, as they shared some moments of happiness with us as well.

Watch your favorite Superstars “failing” on camera 😉

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