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Triple-Double Stats are more frequent than Ever 📈:

The game of basketball tends to change! Heavy statement from a petty guy like me but… what made me claim that? Look at the players and their style of play. Haven’t you noticed that there are more and more basketballers to hit triple-double figures nowadays? Undeniably yes! Well, let’s forget about the short guy who will only run the court and pass the ball! Forget about the combo guard that will take the 3-pointer shots! Or even the tall guy to grab the rebounds and finish with baskets in the paint! Here is what comes next: The All-Arounder!

The modern basketball player

Basketball is gradually changing, and we are heading towards a new modern era that every single player will be able to play every position and take part in every aspect of the game! What does that mean? It simply means that every player will do EVERYTHING on the court! The modern basketball player will be included in all statistical categories as he will be able to score, pass and steal the ball, take rebounds and make blocks with the same ability! This versatility, however, will be a hard thing to gain and the entire basketball industry focuses on how to develop such kind of machine-like players!

Taking a trip down to memory lane, the above case came so naturally with a former basketball NBA player, Oscar Robertson. “The Big O”, as he is commonly known, was a 6,5-footer that was also one of the first All-Around players in the NBA. He still holds the record of 181 triple-doubles! The great Magic Johnson and Jason Kid have also been significant with the above STATS,📈 but they came nowhere close to The Big O! Let’s take a look though, to 3 basketball players of the modern times that fit perfectly the title of the All-Arounder.

The basketball profiles of the future:

  1. Russell Westbrook: The Oklahoma City Thunder’s star player has made plenty of history in the triple-double category as he has already reached 85 triple-doubles in his career! Most notably, of course, he became just the second player in history to average a triple-double for the season when he put up 31.6 points, 10.7 rebounds, and 10.4 assists per game. An accomplishment like that is certainly one worth recognizing!
  2. LeBron James: The King is here once again to lead this modern era! He has been doing everything on the court perfectly since Day 1 and it was more than obvious that he would be one of the most significant NBA players of all time. There is nothing he cannot do well as you will very often see him struggle in defense and right after score or create scoring possibilities for his teammates!
  3. Giannis Antetokounmpo: The Greek Freak has had an awesome start this season as he is leading the Milwaukee Bucks to success. He is also the team’s leader in all statistical categories, however, it is the scoring ability that has positively surprised us! Antetokounmpo totaled 534 points in Milwaukee’s first games, the fourth-fastest scoring start in team history. Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had 599 points after 18 games during the second of his six MVP seasons in 1971-72. The Greek Freak is the NBA’s second-leading scorer at 29.7 points per game.

How to become an All-Arounder

Being an All-Around player and taking part in all statistical categories describes the basketball player of the future. However, it is truly hard to accomplish! To achieve that,

  1. 🏀 Players should practice and develop their skills from a very early stage.

  2. 🏀 Coaches and basketball instructors should specialize in that field and provide the right help &

  3. 🏀 Most of all, both sides should keep track of STATS to watch the overall progress

STATS (Read more about: 3 Reasons to track your Basketball STATS this season) is what will show you what you are good at, where you lack skills and how you can improve to become the All-arounder of the future. Check out Athlenda APP to track your STATS this year easier and faster than EVER! Watch the video:

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