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What is Athlenda?

Athlenda, is the 🏀N.1 Basketball Network🏀 that brings together basketball Players, Coaches, Agents, Clubs, Scouts, Camps and Universities.

By mixing powerful basketball profiles and technological breakthroughs, Athlenda is building a Digital Stadium with no borders. With users from all around the world, it’s the ideal meeting place to stand out and boost your Basketball Career. Isn’t that amazing?

How does it work?

Every member creates a profile. Either you are an athlete, a coach, a club, a scout, an agent or a college, you create your professional page or a cv that describes everything you are today…and shows anything you can become in the future.

_Basketball Athletes use it to show their talents. They create a profile that includes their physical characteristics, position, team, experience, they upload their videos and cut highlights using special tags (3-points, rebound, assist etc.), add games’ scores and track their personal STATS. But most of all, they have the opportunity to get contacted by scouts or “knock doors” themselves direct to coaches, agents, scouts etc. from all over the world.

_Basketball professionals (Coaches, Agents, Scouts, Clubs & Universities) use it to track new talents from every part of the world. They can review players’ profiles by their video highlights, STATS and of course general characteristics and start direct communication to get the players they like on board.


Our Vision?

None other than taking advantage of several technological breakthroughs and creating Equality in Sports, with endless opportunities regardless economic, social and geographical background.

Our Mission?

It’s truly simple: Offer a common ground for all Basketball professionals and amateurs to connect, improve their skills and succeed in this competitive sport.

Our Story?

Athlenda began as a simple idea between 4 friends and colleagues who spotted a gap in the competitive Basketball world in late 2014. After a year of hard work and constant improvements in the product functions, the idea was finally presented and approved by the early stage investors in spring 2015. Our enthusiasm was happily shared and thanks to the people who believed in us when most needed, Athlenda was officially live in March 2016.

Already, more than 35.000 Players, Coaches, Agents & Scouts and Teams & Colleges have signed up and great collaboration were officially signed with our signature.

What is unique about Athlenda?

By mixing powerful basketball profiles and technological breakthroughs, we are building our own Digital Stadium with no borders. Now, everyone from wherever he / she is, is getting the chance to shine and show their talent globally. Isn’t that amazing?

Stay tuned. The digitalization of sports recruitment has just begun.

Join our Journey!

  • For more information about Athlenda, visit our Official Page and check out all the features for Players, Coaches, Agents & Scouts and Teams & Colleges
  • If you have any questions about our Company, Product, Services or Pricing contact us at info@athlenda.com
  • If you wish to Join Us all you have to do is Sign Up FREE or Download the APP

Our journey has just started. Come on board!


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