5 Ways to improve your Basketball Game

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Time to improve your game:

As an athlete, it’s in your spirit to always try to improve your game. But the thing is, you’re only human and as one, you sometimes need to rest a bit and think that it’s ok. The hard truth though, is that this exact philosophy is the one that stands between your good athletic self and your great one.

Discover new approaches

Each season you get specific opportunities to stand out, and depending on your progress and effort you’ll either make it or get disappointed. If you’ve decided that basketball is your game but you had a few setbacks on your way, then maybe it’s time for you to do something different.

  1. Change your attitude:

    It’s a common practice, unfortunately, that we as athletes, and mostly as people tend to let our minds rule over us. You must have realized by now that, the times your thoughts are focused mostly on your failures in life in general, you somehow keep on failing. While the times you stay positive, your attitude practically magnetizes memorable moments that are worth keep trying. Along with your body muscles, there are your mental muscles that you should remember to train daily. Don’t get distracted by each mistake or failure. Instead stay sharp for the new chances you’ll get if you keep trying to improve. Change your attitude and let your dream overrule your negative thoughts.

  2. Leave your comfort zone:

    You know you are good at certain moves but you somehow keep focusing only on those in every practice and game. Why? Simple, because it’s easier for you. But you know that the easiest way won’t help you accomplish better results. For that, you need to get uncomfortable. You should experiment and try new approaches. At first, they may seem hard and even unnecessary, but after a while, you’ll realize that they were essential for your progress. Don’t hesitate to expose your body and mind into new ways during a game and discover your limits. After all, as PRO say ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you’.Improve your game

  3. Admit your weaknesses:

    An important step towards improvement is admitting that you are not flawless. Neither as an athlete nor as a person. After all who is? Fortunately, perfection is not what we are looking for, but hard work is. For example, you may be a person who gives all he/she got during a practice but as far as it concerns your eating habits you may be very prone to junk food. Or you may be a great shooter but rebound is not your strong point. In any case, don’t fool yourself into believing that these are tiny weaknesses. Your strong points do not necessarily compensate for the rest of your bad or mediocre choices. Admit your weaknesses, focus on them and try to get over them and improve (Discover more of: What makes you a valuable Basketball Player).

  4. Get disciplined:

    One of the hardest things for an athlete is Self-Discipline. What is that? Let’s say that it is the ability to learn controlling yourself at a level where you can persuade yourself doing things you don’t feel like doing but do them anyway. This characteristic, along with determination and dedication, is the one that won’t let you ever give up. What you could do, whenever the feeling of avoiding, for example, a practice is overwhelming you, is to think about the things or even people that count on you. Remember that basketball is not an individual game, so you better start thinking about others as well.

  5. Focus on consequences:

    Whenever you feel like giving up or postponing things like a morning practice, for example, visualize a game. Imagine yourself at a very important game, where everything and everyone depend on you and your lack of practice may cost you great shape and even the trophy. The regrets will push you to wake up and go to your practice in order to avoid the consequences of disappointing your team and coach.

So, if you are dreaming about a big stadium, full of lights, cameras, and thousands of fans applauding you for an awesome shoot, then you should know by now that you need to step up your game. Success won’t come if you don’t deserve it. You need to work for it.

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