3 Ways to find a Basketball Club in Athlenda

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Every player needs a Basketball Club

You are a basketball player and if you want to try basketball professionally, you need to find a basketball club or review your own to make sure it suits you. Try asking yourself:

Are you even happy in the team you are playing? Will this club improve your skills? Do you get chances to stand out?If no, then you clearly need to change your strategy. If yes, awesome! But it’s always best to keep your eyes open for people and opportunities that will help you SHOW YOUR TALENT. Here are 3 ways to find a basketball club with your Athlenda profile.

1. Discover Clubs from all over the world

Clubs always enjoy adding new talented players to their roster, so after creating your free Basketball profile at Athlenda, take advantage of direct communication. Use it wisely! Start by searching all your local clubs from your city and to the whole country. If you have already tried local clubs, then maybe its time to search other countries as well. Find the clubs you’d wish to play and ask them through Athlenda’s messenger to take a look at your profile. This will get you noticed and increase your chances for a tryout.

3 ways to find a basketball club

2. Approach Coaches, Agents & Scouts

The right coach, agent or scout can help you make it or break it (Read more about: How do I find a good Basketball Agent). By growing your network with the right basketball professionals you increase your chances to get drafted. If you already have some coaches, agents or scouts in mind, try searching them in Athlenda. When you find them, just connect and start messaging. If you have no specific people in mind though, just search by type: coach, agent or scout in any country you want and connect. These professionals have the knowledge, the right connections, the power, and the experience to know at which team to present you. So grow your network.

3. Apply for JOB OPENINGS

It’s really difficult to know if a club is looking for a player, especially if it is outside the borders of your country. But now you have the chance to discover endless Job Openings from around the world. After the season all clubs, coaches, agents, scouts, camps, academies etc. will start looking to recruit new talents by using the Athlenda JOB OPENINGS. Each who wishes to find a player will post a description of who they are looking for and if your profile fits, you can apply for the JOB OPENINGS you like. It’s an awesome opportunity to apply to many clubs and increase your chances to find the club that best suits you. So, stay tuned.


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