FIBA U19 2019: 100+ Players’ Scouting Reports

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you should know that this year’s FIBA U19 Basketball World Cup 2019 in Crete-Greece was a phenomenon. Great organization, impressive games and most of all powerful performances by the stars of tomorrow that shined with their moves in front of scouts and clubs representatives from all over the world.

Although the United States was the one to go home with the gold medal after defeating Mali 93–79 in the final, great athletes from various countries managed to stand out as well. Names like Cade Cunningham (USA), Ibou Badji (Senegal), Filip Petrusev (Serbia), Kai Sotto (Philippines), Rokas Jokubaitis (Lithuania), Leandro Bolmaro (Argentina), Arturs Kurucs (Latvia), Nikita Mikhailovskii (Russia), Abdoul Coulibaly (Mali), Nikolaos Rogkavapoulos  (Greece) etc. should be ringing a bell. If not, it’s obvious you couldn’t make it to Crete but fortunately, we’ve got you covered.

FIBA U19 2019 Scouting Reports


Athlenda scouts attend all the key basketball events to see firsthand these amazing players at their best and create an assessment for the best ones. Now, you can get all this info and learn everything about FIBA U19 players’ skills and performance in our special Scouting Reports.

FIBA U19 2019 These are the Players' Scouting Reports (1)

Sneak Peak of 5 Scouting Reports

Check out some of the amazing players’ we have discovered and take a look at their Scouting Reports prepared by Athlenda TOP Scouts.


  1. Filip Petrusev (Serbia)
  2. Kai Sotto (Philippines)
  3. Rokas Jokubaitis (Lithuania)
  4. Ibou Badji (Senegal)
  5. Cade Cunningham (USA)

 FIBA U19 2019 These are the Players' Scouting Reports (2)

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