5 steps to become a “magnet” for basketball scouts

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The times have changed and it’s obvious you have more tools than ever to show your basketball skills and grab the attention of a coach, agent or scout. But in order to stand out and get a contract signed, apart from your natural skills, you need to make a good first impression and this means an outstanding Online Basketball Profile for professionals to see.

Athlenda is on your side and so, in this article, you will learn how to master your Basketball Profile by using the features we have specially designed to outline every player’s talents. Make sure you read till the end cause I’ve got some exciting NEWS for you 😊

Master your Basketball Profile by using Athlenda features

  1. Profile picture: The absolute must

become a magnet for scouts

Did you know that 87% of scouts who use Athlenda choose to click only on profiles with a photo? Think about it…It makes absolute sense! Do you ever add someone on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. if they don’t have a photo? I say no. I wouldn’t, you wouldn’t and data proves that scouts won’t either.

So go ahead and improve your Athlenda profile by adding a picture of yourself and if you already have one, make sure it’s good. Choose an image that:

  • Has a plain background
  • Has your face close up (standalone)
  • You wear a basketball jersey,
  • or a photo from the court

2. Physical characteristics: Show what you’ve got

Each one of us has something special. And although I could put this in a more metaphorical manner, what I’m about to say is purely physical. In the whole world, there is no other person who is exactly like me or you. We are all unique and therefore whenever a scout is searching for a player he/she needs to know all the physical characteristics that make you, YOU. So, start by adding your current:


⚠️  TIP ⚠️

Although the above are super important, coaches, clubs, and scouts normally pay attention to AGE as well. Never forget adding your birthday to make their life easier.

3. Nationality: Add your roots

YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER! With Athlenda, scouts are looking at your profile FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. Trust me, they sure will want to know where you come from. Don’t neglect that, as it is equally important as other features that may seem a bit more obvious to you.

4. BIO: Your added value

The thing is that sometimes it’s kinda easier to read a brief description of the athletes. Who they are, what they stand for, past coaches and clubs, even their aspirations for the future.

become a magnet for scouts (4)

Consider the Athlenda BIO section as an added value that you offer to scouts. You may have everything else…BUT if you have a BIO, oh boy it proves you are dead serious about your career and leave nothing to chance. Talk about anything you feel a scout or a coach should know about you, treat it as your opening line when you meet someone and state your goals!

5. Videos & Highlights: Animation seals the deal

Well, they say that if an image is worth a thousand words then… A VIDEO IS WORTH A MILLION!

Come on you should know it by now. Scouts are desperate to find videos of players doing their best in order to evaluate them properly. It’s a time consuming and a really tiring job for them to do. At Athlenda we provide the tools to overcome that obstacle cause you can add your videos, highlights and tag them to be more easily searchable for anyone looking for players.

EXCITING NEWS (as promised) !!!

There have been a few athletes that claimed they find it hard to find a video of themselves from a game as they have no one to shoot it for them and a couple of other reasons. If you are one of those guys you honestly have NO EXCUSES, no more. We’ve got your back, champ!

VERY soon you’ll have your chance to make some DRILLS on your own and magnetize scouts from around the globe. What are they, you ask? Drills are the new feature that we are going to introduce next month. Specially designed and executed by Ganon Baker – NBA Basketball Development Specialist, drills will be a series of 5 crucial exercises that, if done properly, can give a great feedback to any coach or scout to understand your skills.

So, DON’T MISS OUT on our upcoming drills. Until then, keep building your Athlenda Profile to become a complete “magnet” for scouts. If you need any help we’re always here for you. Just contact us > support@athlenda.com.

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