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Have you ever wondered how Basketball players and professionals meet up in 2018? How a talented kid goes from his backyard to a professional court wowing you with his/her every move?

For so many decades, success in sports was clearly influenced by a factor called luck. You should be lucky enough to have a coach that will acknowledge your capabilities, an agent who has great connections to promote you, a scout that would visit the court the day you were at your best etc… What comes to diminish all those injustices and brings revolution in sports a basketball network called Athlenda.

But what exactly is Athlenda?

Athlenda, is the N.1 Basketball network that focuses on talent, opportunities, hope, fairness and equality for players and professionals from around the world. Check out the VIDEO.

Athlenda already counts more than 30.000 members who are using it daily to grow their basketball network and benefit from its worldwide access. The platform is getting so big that basketball superstars from around the world support its cause. Among them Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Vasilis Spanoulis and many others.

Basketball network 2 - Athlenda

How does this Basketball Network work?

Every member creates a profile. Either you are an athlete, a coach, a club, a scout, an agent or a college, you create your professional page or a cv that describes everything you are today…and shows anything you can become in the future.

_Basketball Athletes

use it to show their talents. They create a profile that includes their physical characteristics, position, team, experience, they upload their videos and cut highlights using special tags (3-points, rebound, assist etc.), add games’ scores and track their personal STATS. But most of all, they have the opportunity to get contacted by scouts or “knock doors” themselves direct to coaches, agents, scouts etc. from all over the world. (Read more about: 3 Tips to stand out using Athlenda)

_Basketball professionals

(Coaches, Agents, Scouts, Clubs & Universities) use it to track new talents from every part of the world. They can review players’ profiles by their video highlights, STATS and of course general characteristics and start direct communication to get the players they like on board.

Success Stories

Athlenda already counts many success stories in its 2 years course. Athletes that got scholarships to TOP colleges and camps, found an agent and signed an official job contract, agents and scouts that first discovered new talents, coaches that got job opportunities and the list goes on and on…

It seems like this digital platform offers fair chances to anybody who wants a step forward in their basketball career. All you have to do is JOIN and try it yourself!

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At Athlenda…

It’s you and your TALENT

It’s you and the EFFORT you make

It’s you and the endless OPPORTUNITIES you get

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