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Athlenda just launched its new section called JOB OPENINGS

After last year’s success, with more than 150 JOB OPENINGS, 10.000 applications and many success stories, Athlenda’s Basketball JOB OPENINGS started this year even more promising, including more choices and new features for both players and basketball professionals. From day 1, this year’s JOB OPENINGS started with more than 30 published jobs for players and coaches of all categories and they are estimated to overcome last year’s standards.

This Global Basketball Network  (Read more about: The Basketball Network that brings revolution in sports) includes job openings from TOP Divisions as well as lower categories in order to help everybody find what they are looking for. Last year JOB openings included countries like Greece, Germany, Italy etc. but this year many more countries are ready to search for their ideal player or coach at Athlenda. Clubs, Agents, Coaches and Colleges from Serbia, Turkey, USA, Canada, Montenegro, Slovenia and many others are about to post their Basketball JOB OPENINGS and expect to find there new basketball talents.


Players and Coaches

Basketball Players who are interested in finding their next club, coach, agent, summer camp or get a scholarship and coaches who wish to expand their career opportunities, all they have to do is create a FREE Athlenda profile with APP or WEB ( and apply their favorite JOB OPENINGS.

Clubs, Coaches, Agents, Academies, Camps & Colleges

All those searching for basketball talents from all categories, countries, and ages can publish their JOB OPENINGS describing who exactly they need and what they offer. After getting applicants for their job opening they contact their favorite ones directly via Athlenda and can start a new collaboration.

Basketball Job Openings

Job Openings are live since 23.03.18 and they are growing day by day offering more chances to the sports world. Join this world of opportunities by Signing Up FREE at Athlenda APP or WEB (

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