Bahçeşehir Koleji S.K. tries Athlenda Scouting Service

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Recently, Head Coach of Bahçeşehir Koleji S.K. in Turkish super league, Stefanos Dedas, paid a visit to our headquarters in Thessaloniki. After more than a month of collaboration with the Athlenda Scouting Team, he wanted to meet everyone in person and share his feedback about the service.

“I’m excited about the Athlenda Scouting Service”

During his visit, Mr. Dedas expressed his excitement about the club’s collaboration with the Athlenda Scouting Team. Specifically, he pointed out that this service saves him valuable time and helps him focus on the most suitable prospects. The process is simple, and he ends up getting detailed feedback that makes the difference in his decision making. In his video statement he invites other clubs, no matter the level, to try it out and make the demanding recruiting period much easier.

“It’s a great experience for me working with the Athlenda Scouting Service staff. These guys are doing an amazing job helping me to save time in our transfers. I’ve got great feedback so far about the players’ reports from all over the world… It’s a great service and from the bottom of my heart I highly suggest it to all the coaches regardless the level, high level, low level, not important.”

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Athlenda Scouting Service

Already many clubs, from all over Europe and the rest of the world, are trying out Athlenda Scouting Service. The service helps clubs during the recruiting period to focus on prospects that will blend strategically with the rest of the roster.

Each club shares its suggested players for the upcoming season with our scouting experts. Our team that consists of 20+ field experts and a multidimensional network full of basketball coaches, referees, former players, statisticians, mathematicians, journalists etc., evaluates each one of them within 5 days only and delivers players’ reports that include all the valuable details about the player as well as other suggestions outside the club’s lists.

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