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Recruiting period is probably one of the most stressful times for any basketball club. The amount of effort, time, dedication and resources it takes to discover a gem in between hundreds of applicants you get by agents takes the pressure to the next level.

So, as the recruiting period is getting closer and closer, clubs are starting to receive more and more proposals about the players that could join their roster in the next season. Who are the ones that will complement the power of your team? Who will be the ones to boost your strategy and take it to the next level? Who are those missing parts that can get you a step further in the championship? Let’s find out!

Discover Athlenda Scouting Service

If you’re a Coach, Scout or a General Manager of a basketball club, 2019 is a great period to save valuable time and effort in the scouting process. This year you can trust this job to the most professional basketball scouts and discover exactly who you are looking for using Athlenda Scouting Service.

With an in-depth knowledge of the basketball industry, personal experience, and technological tools, Athlenda’s specialized scouting team utilizes a complex system based on several evaluation parameters. The process leads to an overall players’ evaluation in a specific format able to help you find your match.

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By balancing info like a player’s physical characteristics, age, position, team, strengths, weaknesses and stats, Athlenda’s Scouts rank their skills, offer an assessment of the players’ capabilities, the estimated budget required and their suitability factor for your team.

How it works? A 3-step process!

Trust is one of our core values and therefore, we guarantee that our process is executed with complete confidentiality handling each evaluation privately and offering security to all the clubs who share their lists with us. Specifically, Athlenda Scouting Service is a 3-step and ongoing process that lasts till the end of the recruiting period. All you have to do is give us the lists with all the suggested players you have for the upcoming season. Our specialized scouts review each and every one of them creating player cards with data that will help you get to the few worthy of your attention. Finally, your Athlenda Account Manager sends you the evaluations with TOP choices, alongside other personalized suggestions from our scouting team to receive feedback and go on with the process more accurately.

  1. YOU: Explain to us your specific needs and send your players’ lists

  2. SCOUTING TEAM: Reviews your lists, creates player cards, picks top choices and adds more suggestions

  3. ACCOUNT MANAGER: Sends all the data and gets your feedback to continue the process


So what do you GET?

  1. Detailed and structured player cards that are scannable and comparable.
  2. A shortlist of the most suitable and promising prospects for your roster to narrow down choices.
  3. Special suggestions of players, based on your personalized needs, that are missing from your initial lists.
  4. A personal Account Manager to contact whenever you have any issues
  5. Online Access to your players’ evaluation cards through our web-platform with your unique digital key at any time.

Here is how you BENEFIT

  • QUALITY: High-quality evaluation of your players’ lists by industry’s TOP scouts.
  • OBJECTIVITY: Results based on the objective and unbiased look of our team without personal interests.
  • PERSONALIZATION: A personal Account Manager to offer personalized suggestions.
  • SPEED: Time efficient procedure and faster results developed by a group of scouts instead of 1 scout.
  • EXPANSIΟΝ: Expansion of the scouting reach to new markets from around the world.
  • RESOURCES: Limit costs for scouting tools and allocate employees with other activities for the recruiting period.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY: A completely confidential process where you can trust us with your lists to be evaluated privately.

Broaden your choices

Athlenda’s Scouting Team is constantly exploring the basketball market. By having access to players around the world and knowledge of each client’s needs, our scouts can navigate you and help you determine the future of your team more accurately by offering extra suggestions about players not included on your lists.

Moreover, apart from the evaluation of your existing lists, what you get from Athlenda’s Scouting Service is a specific suggestion of players, from Athlenda’s own pool. These players are our choices that, according to comprehensive and thorough estimation and analysis, will deliver you the best candidates to pay attention to and focus on in your final decision.

Your Personal Account Manager

For maximum flexibility and in order to ensure we meet your needs to the fullest, with Athlenda Scouting Service we offer you personalized day-to-day support by a dedicated Account Manager. This person will develop a deep understanding of your Club’s recruitment needs and preferences and keep in mind its unique selection criteria when looking for new players. He’s your contact for any needs regarding the evaluated players, the feedback you may have and any adjustments you want in order to improve results to the maximum.

Meet the Scouting Team

Trust is one of our core values and therefore, for top results we offer you a top scouting team. Built out of specialized professionals with deep knowledge of the basketball game and the industry in general, these Pros are dedicated to helping you evaluate all your suggested players’ and narrow down your choices to those that you need to focus on. Our team consists of:

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  • Lazaros Papadopoulos: Founder – CEO of Athlenda. A former Professional Basketball Player, 5 times European Champion, Silver medal in FIBA World cup (‘06), winning against the USA dream team.
  • Christos Marmarinos: PhD, Basketball Coach, Sports Consultant. 14 years assistant coach at Olympiacos BC. former coach at Panionios BC.
  • Thanos Konstantopoulos: 15 years of experience as a basketball coach in youth categories. Freelance European scout for top Euroleague clubs
  • Nikos Sfingos: Sports scouting professional with 20 years of international experience, PhD holder in Video Scouting Technology


Interested in our scouting services? Then contact our Scouting team at and get to know all the details of our collaboration, schedule, deliverables and of course the service price.

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