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The ultimate MVP 2017 challenge is over:

A few days ago the ultimate challenge for young basketball players was over. We have the winner of the title of MVP 2017 and the scholarship at the Summer NBC Camps in Italy.

Through an outstanding contest, Athlenda was looking for the TOP talented profiles of the year 2017 and thus thousands of athletes rushed to create an outstanding basketball profile with the use of Athlenda APP.

The process

All participants had almost 3 weeks to create or improve their profiles. According to Athlenda,¬†this means a complete basketball page full of athletes’ athletic characteristics like age, height, wing spam etc. and general characteristics like the position the play, the team, games scores, personal stats etc. Also, athletes could upload images from their games or videos which with the use of Athlenda’s technology they could cut into snaps and tag them accordingly as 2-points, 3-points, assists etc.

The response of all those passionate young basketball players was outstanding. Thousands of kids downloaded Athlenda APP and started building their own profiles in order to show their talent and capabilities. TOP 10 was announced with their persoanl # and the public voting began in order to reveal their favorite profile and consequently the final winner.

The TOP 10 was:

 Gatis Vegners #GatisAthlenda
 Lefteris Platis #LefterisAthlenda
 Zafiris Bampos #ZafosAthlenda
 Thanasis Keramidas #ThanasisAthlenda
 Vladimir Yazadzhiev #VladimirAthlenda
 Vasilis Siotas #VasilisAthlenda
 Elena Andrikopoulou #ElenaAthlenda
 Antonis Sapounas #AntonisAthlenda
 Stefan Tagarski #StefanAthlenda
 Theodor Evangelidis #TheodorAthlenda

And the winner is…

The lucky winner was the talented Zafiris Mpampos. The 17 year old¬†Point Guard from Naousa, Greece won the hearts of the public and the MVP title. In the summer of 2018 he will collect the ultimate prize of visiting¬†NBC Camps in Italy, one of the top camps in the whole world where he will train next to unique coaches that will help him show his talent. Watch Zafiris‘ video:

About Athlenda winners

Athlenda is already well known for bringing to light young talented players (Read more about other winners here). Although it started in Greece, the platform has already spread its fame in Europe and USA and is heading to spread the word to kids from around the world that now they have their personal tool to promote their talents on their own.

If you wish to show your talent then Download the APP and start building your profile.

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