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Welcome to Athlenda

Athlenda, is the #1 Basketball Scouting Network that brings together Players, Coaches, Agents, Clubs, Scouts, Camps and Universities from all over the world.

It’s a digital basketball world full of opportunities

  • 50.000+ users
  • 10.000 Avg. searches / month
  • 200.000 New connections / year

How is Athlenda special?

Athlenda stands for Equality in Sports. It’s a Digital Basketball World full of career opportunities that gives power to each member regardless of economic, social and geographical background. Here, your basketball profile is the key to your success.

How does it work?

Our basketball network offers the ground and the tools for basketball players and professionals (coaches, agents, clubs, universities and camps) like you to create a competitive basketball profile. With the use of a technologically advanced Search Engine, filters, job openings, direct messages etc. each member gets in the spotlight, grows connections and increases opportunities to stand out in the sports world.


Who is Athlenda for?

_ Basketball Players: Athlenda is for both young and already experienced basketball players that want to seek more career opportunities. Our basketball players usually are looking to get scouted by clubs, coaches, agents and scouts, or basketball job openings and scholarships at universities and camps to apply for. Some build their profiles to have an organized and professional presence or simply want to grow their basketball network. Players’ profiles include: Physical characteristics (height, weight, wingspan etc.), personal contact information (e-mail, phone etc.), current team, position, game videos, basketball drills and other data that will help them show their basketball talent.

_Basketball professionals (Coaches, Agents, Scouts, Clubs & Universities): Basketball professionals mostly use Athlenda to scout talented players from around the world. Apart from posting job openings to attract players or coaches, with the use of our detailed search engine they can scout players or coaches and contact them directly. Their professional profile that includes everything from their experience, to portfolio and contact details, allows them to stand out from the competition and track talents faster and easier. Apart from that, professional may also seek personal career opportunities and a chance to grow their network within the basketball world.





Our Story

Athlenda began as a simple idea between 4 friends and colleagues who spotted a gap in the competitive Basketball world in late 2014. After a year of hard work and constant improvements in the product functions, the idea was finally presented and approved by the early stage investors in spring 2015. Our enthusiasm was happily shared and thanks to the people who believed in us when most needed, Athlenda was officially live in March 2016.


Join our Journey!

  • For more information about Athlenda, visit our Official Page and check out all the features for Players, Coaches, Agents & Scouts and Teams & Colleges
  • If you have any questions about our Company, Product, Services or Pricing contact us at info@athlenda.com
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We create a digital world full of opportunities

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