3 TIPS to STAND OUT using Athlenda

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Your chance to STAND OUT is coming:

Athlenda can offer you many chances to STAND OUT with… Career Opportunities, networking, games updates, stats tracking etc… but the thing is you have to know your goal.

Do you want 🏀Basketball Career Opportunities🏀? Then get ready… Jobs season is coming.

In about a month from now, hundreds of clubs and universities will start posting their Job Openings on Athlenda searching for players like you. This will be the ideal opportunity for you to STAND OUT!

Improve your chances with Athlenda:

  1. Get your PROFILE ready

Applying to a Basketball Job Opening on Athlenda means, that the first impression that a club, university or coach will get from you will be your Athlenda profile. So… YOU HAVE TO have it updated.

A good quality recent photo, all your physical characteristics like height, wingspan, weight etc. must be added. Also OF COURSE they will want to know if you are already playing in another club and all about your experience so far. So make sure to add your club and position and a write a small BIO to offer a general idea of who you are.

  1. Use SNAPS 🎬 wisely

Your job is to show your talent. And what a better way doing that than with actual footage of you in action. Either you already have some videos from games or not at all, you have to create some.

Take your mobile and start recording some moves. Then it’s all easy. You upload your VIDEO on Athlenda, cut your best SNAPS and TAG them in order to make it easier for someone to check your profile.

Remember ⚠️ In order to apply for job openings, you’ll need your SNAPS.

  1. Track your STATS

STATS are your weapon. It’s an undeniable way to prove someone that you are worth giving a chance. So after every game, you add on Athlenda you should add your games score and your personal STATS so that there is NO DOUBT you are what they’re looking for (Read also: Basketball STATS. Do they always tell the truth?).

3 TIPS to STAND OUT using Athlenda 2

More tips for you

Basketball Jobs are based on competition, so you should always check out what others do and write on their profiles. Are their profiles better? How? Find out and adjust yours.

Also use search to discover more clubs, agents, scouts etc. It’s possible that they will remember you better if you talk to them prior job openings and let them know you’d be interested in joining them.

Stay tuned to get more ideas on HOW TO STAND OUT and

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